Forest Anojakka hunting jacket


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Svart och vit finns på lager i Sverige, grön kommer inom kort.
Förhandsorder går bra.

This anorak is designed to keep you warm when your hunting method involves sitting still for hours. Transform the hunting jacket and get ready for action in a second by pulling two cords. Anojakka is fitted with a protective pocket for your radio with an antenna hole and fixing point. This garment has a shell made of brushed polyester, making it silent and waterproof up to 15.000 mm.

Anojakka´s peculiar design draws inspiration from traditional Inuit outerwear. The Inuits survived in the most extreme conditions by smart innovations; among others, they geared up in full-body anoraks. This practical design utilizes all the heat energy the body produces and protects it in an air pocket.This Inuit design principle is brilliant at holding on to heat but is not practical in motion. In cooperation with Alaskan mushers, we have designed a unique cord system for the Anojakka jacket. This cord system compresses the bottom half of the anorak jacket to your preferred length in a straightforward motion.

The Forest Anojakka has PrimaLoft Silver insulation. A patented microfiber structure with cutting edge insulation properties that keeps you warm even if it gets soggy and wet. One big and welcoming front pocket enables you to carry all your essentials; for convenience, this pocket is also accessible from Anojakka´s inside.

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